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saas map

Trigger scenario map for SaaS

Capture and Qualify leads,
Deliver the Value

Super custom pop-ups for SaaS needs
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Set up the scenario
Create a pop-up specialized for your target audience. Provide the most personalized communication.
Choose the trigger
Define the audience
Сhoose the pop-up type
Use the Pop-up builder to create the pop-up for any purpose. You don't need to code - everything is done within the Dashly interface.
Сreate the pop-up
Add buttons, pictures, and fields for email addresses, phone numbers or text messages, depending on your goals.
Pop-up awareness
Reply rate
Goals achieved
Pop up earnings
Funnel impacts
Launch A/B testing
to find the most effective message
A/B test is a powerful tool of marketing. It can be used to evaluate how effective your message is, and how leads react to a different version of it.
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Improve user journey with message chains combined with other Dashly features
Build the omnichannel communication to provide maximum value
User paid for
A user visited your website
Collect e-mails
Signed up
Send automated welcome e-mails
Help to understand
the product
Paid for the subscription
Return the product
Paid again
Tell about the product news
Success of our customers
new signups
How to bring more visitors to sign up? Dashly and IQ Option answered this question and got 25% more sign ups. The story of ups and downs, different A/B tests and a happy end for trade stocks and digital options platform.
leads within 6 months
How to generate more leads?
Dashly and Findthat.email know the answer. The story of how the implementation of one product brought 3 times more leads with one pop-up and a live chat.
How to get more online sales?
Dashly and Kflwebdesign made a cool project for a New York flower shop that brought more leads, improved customer service and helped the flower shop to get 55% more online sales.
Integrate Dashly with your infrastructure
Connect your tools with Dashly to make personalized communication possible and easy using one interface
Dashly team will help you to migrate your data, create campaigns and onboard your team
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